Why Marvel is Better than DC

What makes a superhero franchise “better” than another? Is it the costumes? The Tragic storylines? The fact that the main characters are supposed to be invincible gods or aliens with supernatural abilities? Or maybe the Villains make the SUPERHERO comics better? If you are a DC fan then your answer is “yes” to those questions. However, if you are a Marvel fan you begin to laugh at the silly DC fans and their ways of comparing Marvel to DC.

Marvel was founded In New York city, 1939 by Martin Goodman. DC was founded in 1934, in the United States of America by Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson. Now some people would say “Well DC was made first therefore Marvel copied DC!” Marvel was influenced to make another Comic franchise because of how much of a sucess DC had become, they did not copy DC. If influencing is considered copying then everybody is copying someone right now.

Author, Ellen Daniels, posted her article “5 reasons why marvel is better than DC”  on the hollywood news to argue why Marvel comics are better than DC and disprove the belief that DC can beat Marvel. Daniels states that aside from fan beliefs, Marvels Characters are easier to relate to than the DC characters. She also mentions that the DC characters are killed off to easily when DC claims to have invincible gods and aliens as superheroes. Finally she argues that its the heroes that make up a superhero comic book franchise and not the villains.

In the beginning of Daniels article she uses a concession and rebuttal by saying that both marvel and DC have a reputation for killing off characters but then she rebuts it in the rest of her article. Daniels was writing for was the fans (like Chris Sanchez) who seriously believe DC will always beat Marvel.

Another ArticleMarvel vs.DC: Which is the Better Comic Book Universe?”  written by Tiffany Lew mentions that since Disney acquired Marvel,in 2009,it helped with raising Disneys stocks. With Marvels separate divisions they have more of an advantage when it comes to promoting their latest superhero films. She also states that “Marvel has a continuous, cohesive world both on the page and on the screen.” She is talking about how in 2008 Iron man was the first step in the “Marvels Cinematic Universe.” He as well as Captain America, Hulk, and Thor all came together to assemble The Avengers. DC on the other hand have not built a “cohesive universe on screen” even though Warner Bros. have been wanting to do so. The way the show Arrow has many Batman villains as well as the movies coming out Superman vs Batman, Dawn of justice, and Suicide Squad may be Warner bros. only attempt.

Some people say that “good villains make good heroes” now in most cases that is true. However in the case of DC they made the Villains more well known and more favored than the heroes. Going back to Ellen Daniels, she mentions that when you hear Marvel you think of the main heroes Iron man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Wolverine however when someone says DC people automatically think Batman, Superman, The joker and Lex Luthor. DC even has anti-heroes with Catwoman, Lobo, Jason Todd, Hitman and the list goes on. Just as Daniels says “ it’s the heroes that make Marvel not the villains.”

Both the Marvel and DC franchises are sucessful entertaining the audience. However when it comes down to the quality of the heroes as well as the actual monetary success of the franchise Marvel leads over DC. So i will ask again. What makes a superhero franchise “better” than another?


One thought on “Why Marvel is Better than DC

  1. i love how you ended with a question to let the people make their own opinion after making a strong argument. your line at the end was one of my favorites when you said “its the hero’s that make Marvel not the villains” that was a powerful line that made me shiver you are a master of arguments kudos my friend.

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