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Bernie Sanders: The Politician

By: Michael Flores

Presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, uses his website to give his viewpoints on certain problems in order to get people to vote for him. His website,, gives plenty of visual and verbal influence in order to get people on his side. His use of ethos and pathos in his “Meet Bernie” page and the use of logos in the “issues” page helps him to persuade his audience in his favor.

Sanders starts his use of pathos by having a large picture of himself smiling on his home page. On the left sided there will be the words “Meet Bernie” which leads to his personal page. There is another large picture of Sanders and under that there is a brief description on who he is. It mentions him being elected to the U.S. senate after 16 years as “Vermont’s sole congressman in the House of Representatives.” I believe that Sanders mentions that first so that he can show the people that he is no stranger to being in a high executive chair. He also mentions that he is serving his second term after being re-elected with 71 percent of the votes. This makes his audience believe that he did something right in order to win that many votes. Sanders then goes on to talk about his personal life and how he is not afraid to be a leader for he has been put in the position before. He has a timeline of his life as well as a video explaining the type of man Sanders is. Sanders is portraying himself as a man that is educated when it comes to working in congress.

Sanders does not only rely on emotions and values, he also uses reasons and facts to interest his audience in order for them to understand what he is running for. On his “issues” page he has many topics that he discusses, ranging from Income and Wealth Inequality to War and peace. Using the page that talks about his views on war and peace, the first thing that grabs attention is the large picture of him standing at a podium with the American flag waving behind him on a screen. This is the only picture on the entire page. This gives the effect that the topic is something that he takes very seriously. Sanders does have statistics and facts when he discusses what he will change if he is elected president. For example he talks about combating terrorism by joining up with our allies in order to stop terrorist funding. He also talks about the budget they should give to the military. These facts will make the audience realize that the terrorism needs to be stopped by joining with our allies and controlling the budgets.

Bernie sanders intended audience is the middle class of America, as well as the young citizens who will be attending college. Sanders uses popular social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc… in order to get his views spread throughout the states. His main audience is the young groups in American and he persuades them by talking about making tutition for college free and debt free. This will grab the attention of those who are going to college as well as those in college because they will be the most interested in saving money for their futures. Sanders does not have pictures to go with his topics but he did this on purpose because it proves to his audience that he is a serious a committed man to make these beliefs come true. It allows the audience to believe in him more and trust him that he will be a good leader.

Bernie Sanders has a very interesting way that he set up his site. However i believe that the argument on the site to vote for Sanders, is extremely effective to the audience because of his constant mentioning of his leadership skills and his devotion to his work.


Entomology: Textbook Vs Experiment Michael, Flores Forensic Science P:5th 10/14/15

My hypothesis was that the life cycle of a fly would be faster than the speed the textbook said it would. This experiment was important to show the difference between what happens in real life and what is written in a text book. Post-mortem Interval is the length of time since someone has died. The first stage of the life cycle of a fly is the Egg stage. This is when the egg is laid which is soon after the death of something. Next is the instar stage, this is when the mouth hooks become visible and they start actively feeding. After that is the pre-pupa stage which is when the larva moves away from the body to a dry area, And finally is the adult stage. This is when the fly is fully grown. fly diagram

Materials, procedure, and Results

We used a container to put the raw chicken leg into then we put that into a bigger container and cut holes on the sides so that other animals didn’t get in to eat our chicken. At the end of the experiment we used calipers to measure the length of the maggots.

After we first set up our experiments 2 days had passed before we checked on our chicken legs. Immediately we noticed little eggs on our chicken. We waited 1 day and when we checked again the maggots were almost done completely eating our chicken. We were even able to collect some pupae because they were ready. This experiment showed how much faster the actual process is rather than whats written in the text book.


My hypothesis turned out to be correct. The flies did go through their life cycle faster than the book had said. However in some cases depending on the climate they life cycle could have gone slower. If we were able to redo this experiment i would have checked the chicken every day instead of waiting to truly tell how many days it takes. Within 5 days we already had pupae ready to become adult flies while the book was saying that it would take 18-24 days. I learned that the information of the textbooks can be false at times. And that it all depends on certain circumstances.

The Gruesome Murder of William Riley Dubard

Date: August 25nd, 2015. Time 8:37 am.  Location: Cement warehouse at the corner of Stassney and Manchaca. Victim: 20 year old William Riley Dubard, Height: five feet two and a half inches. Lead investigator: Leo Gonzalez. Looks as though the victim was heading home until something spooked him and sent him running in here. Note he was found face down as if he was hit in the back of his head. Left arm seems to have had a torn note.. it reads “Know who’s.. ealing money from.. being followed.. it was.” There is also his pen near his right hand, his phone with 911 dialed but not called, and a cinder block. Hmmm… something doesn’t seem right. We have a dead body, and a cinder block but no blood anywhere. Either the killer cleans his mess better than a dog cleans his bowl or something else killed him. Wait a second… there’s a security camera that’s facing the Vic. Hopefully the camera was on as well as recording at the time of death. The pen next to the victims right hand seems to have a black finger print. Maybe its the victims, or maybe its the killers. Seems as though he is not as tidy as we first thought.


  • The victim was laying face down.
  • There was no blood at the crime scene.
  • It was in the early morning.
  • It was in a warehouse.


  • The victim was wearing some cool shoes.
  • The Victim had an ugly Iphone 5
  • He probably got hit in the back of the head with a bat.








Look back on Marvel’s victory

I was suppose to pick a controversial topic and write my opinion. I used rhetorical techniques to prove that Marvel was a better superhero franchise than DC.

My friend, Chris Sanchez, told me he was thinking about writing his Op-ed on why DC is a more superior superhero franchise. As a joke i told him i would write about why Marvel is better than DC. However i began finding all these facts such as the more money Marvel has made and the way people can relate to the heroes better. I feel as though me being able to choose my own topic was easy because i knew a lot about the topic but it also presented challenges when it came to researching my topic.

My audience reacted very well to my post. I got 11 views and 4 comments. The comments were mostly positive with 1 saying that they still believe that DC is better. I believe my project affected my audience by making them realize that anything DC can do Marvel can do too. I know this because i have had someone come up to me and tell me that they realize how much better marvel has tied their stories together than DC.

If i could do this differently i would have incorporated more about marvels financial success rather than just their heroes. Also i would do more research to find more sources.

I learned that when it comes to arguing for my side im good at making my point. I also learned that when it comes to introductions i make people excited to read more.

Video project

I analyzed Arthur’s White poker chips video and i noticed they threw 23 white poker chips. While i was counting the white poker chips they tried to distract me by throwing in a turtle on a string.

I also analyzed Leo’s Eye witness testimony experiment video and noticed the 5 changes. While i was watching i first noticed Leo’s backpack had changed from a black one to a red one. I also noticed the tennis ball that was in Monica’s hand, at first there wasn’t one but after Leo passed it appeared. Also after he passed, Jessica’s hair was down instead of up in a pony tail. And finally i saw Will laying on the tree.

This video is important to forensic science because it shows how the human eyes as well as the brain can be tricked. It shows how if we focus on something our eyes wont see anything that is happening around that object. It is meant to prove that an eye witness testimony can be false.

An eye witness testimony is a statement given by someone who has witnessed a crime. If a murder, robbery, or any other crime is being investigated, an eye witness can help the investigators figure out what happened and who did it. In the court room an eye witness can again help explain what happened as well as testify against someone on trial. I believe that depending on certain situations an eye witness testimony can be false. There are situations where the witnesses adrenaline is rushing and it seems as though everything is moving fast, and there is a possibility that they don’t remember as clearly as they think they do. Sometimes an eye witness testimony can lead to the wrong person getting sent to jail.