Video project

I analyzed Arthur’s White poker chips video and i noticed they threw 23 white poker chips. While i was counting the white poker chips they tried to distract me by throwing in a turtle on a string.

I also analyzed Leo’s Eye witness testimony experiment video and noticed the 5 changes. While i was watching i first noticed Leo’s backpack had changed from a black one to a red one. I also noticed the tennis ball that was in Monica’s hand, at first there wasn’t one but after Leo passed it appeared. Also after he passed, Jessica’s hair was down instead of up in a pony tail. And finally i saw Will laying on the tree.

This video is important to forensic science because it shows how the human eyes as well as the brain can be tricked. It shows how if we focus on something our eyes wont see anything that is happening around that object. It is meant to prove that an eye witness testimony can be false.

An eye witness testimony is a statement given by someone who has witnessed a crime. If a murder, robbery, or any other crime is being investigated, an eye witness can help the investigators figure out what happened and who did it. In the court room an eye witness can again help explain what happened as well as testify against someone on trial. I believe that depending on certain situations an eye witness testimony can be false. There are situations where the witnesses adrenaline is rushing and it seems as though everything is moving fast, and there is a possibility that they don’t remember as clearly as they think they do. Sometimes an eye witness testimony can lead to the wrong person getting sent to jail.


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