Look back on Marvel’s victory

I was suppose to pick a controversial topic and write my opinion. I used rhetorical techniques to prove that Marvel was a better superhero franchise than DC.

My friend, Chris Sanchez, told me he was thinking about writing his Op-ed on why DC is a more superior superhero franchise. As a joke i told him i would write about why Marvel is better than DC. However i began finding all these facts such as the more money Marvel has made and the way people can relate to the heroes better. I feel as though me being able to choose my own topic was easy because i knew a lot about the topic but it also presented challenges when it came to researching my topic.

My audience reacted very well to my post. I got 11 views and 4 comments. The comments were mostly positive with 1 saying that they still believe that DC is better. I believe my project affected my audience by making them realize that anything DC can do Marvel can do too. I know this because i have had someone come up to me and tell me that they realize how much better marvel has tied their stories together than DC.

If i could do this differently i would have incorporated more about marvels financial success rather than just their heroes. Also i would do more research to find more sources.

I learned that when it comes to arguing for my side im good at making my point. I also learned that when it comes to introductions i make people excited to read more.


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