Entomology: Textbook Vs Experiment Michael, Flores Forensic Science P:5th 10/14/15

My hypothesis was that the life cycle of a fly would be faster than the speed the textbook said it would. This experiment was important to show the difference between what happens in real life and what is written in a text book. Post-mortem Interval is the length of time since someone has died. The first stage of the life cycle of a fly is the Egg stage. This is when the egg is laid which is soon after the death of something. Next is the instar stage, this is when the mouth hooks become visible and they start actively feeding. After that is the pre-pupa stage which is when the larva moves away from the body to a dry area, And finally is the adult stage. This is when the fly is fully grown. fly diagram

Materials, procedure, and Results

We used a container to put the raw chicken leg into then we put that into a bigger container and cut holes on the sides so that other animals didn’t get in to eat our chicken. At the end of the experiment we used calipers to measure the length of the maggots.

After we first set up our experiments 2 days had passed before we checked on our chicken legs. Immediately we noticed little eggs on our chicken. We waited 1 day and when we checked again the maggots were almost done completely eating our chicken. We were even able to collect some pupae because they were ready. This experiment showed how much faster the actual process is rather than whats written in the text book.


My hypothesis turned out to be correct. The flies did go through their life cycle faster than the book had said. However in some cases depending on the climate they life cycle could have gone slower. If we were able to redo this experiment i would have checked the chicken every day instead of waiting to truly tell how many days it takes. Within 5 days we already had pupae ready to become adult flies while the book was saying that it would take 18-24 days. I learned that the information of the textbooks can be false at times. And that it all depends on certain circumstances.


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