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To determine the _______ of any skeleton, certain bones are needed to be analyzed. These bones are the _________ otherwise known as the hip bone. The other bone used to find the gender is the ______. The female __________ has some key characteristics that can determine the _______. These include a __________ outlet, the _______ which is tilted backwards, and a last key characteristic is that the _______ opening is greater than __________. Males and females have differing os coxae, each with its own defining characteristics.  Some of the male characteristics are a Small Pelvic outlet, a sacrum which is _______________, and a _____________ less than 90 degrees. the male skull has many defining features such as; a ________ External Occipital Protuberance, a square chin, prominent____________, rounded ______________, and a small_____________________. female skulls lack the defining features of a male skull, but instead have properties such as, a ________chin, less _________ brow ridges, and ______ orbital margins. Mr. c_t__ is a pretty cool teacher.



Zombie Movie

Algor mortis occurs immediately after death and can last up to 12 hours. It is when the body begins to lose heat and the body temperature changes to the temperature of its environment.