To determine the _______ of any skeleton, certain bones are needed to be analyzed. These bones are the _________ otherwise known as the hip bone. The other bone used to find the gender is the ______. The female __________ has some key characteristics that can determine the _______. These include a __________ outlet, the _______ which is tilted backwards, and a last key characteristic is that the _______ opening is greater than __________. Males and females have differing os coxae, each with its own defining characteristics.  Some of the male characteristics are a Small Pelvic outlet, a sacrum which is _______________, and a _____________ less than 90 degrees. the male skull has many defining features such as; a ________ External Occipital Protuberance, a square chin, prominent____________, rounded ______________, and a small_____________________. female skulls lack the defining features of a male skull, but instead have properties such as, a ________chin, less _________ brow ridges, and ______ orbital margins. Mr. c_t__ is a pretty cool teacher.



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