Our project was on gun control and how some people make the point that it is the guns that are responsible for the deaths of other people. Our message was describing that the man behind the gun is responsible for the trigger being pulled and not the gun, which is an inanimate object. We chose to do a video because a visual aide will help people understand our argument better than if we were to describe it in written words.

We used a lot of pathos in our video. Funny moments such as when Chris names the gun “Pete” or when Vicente “RKO” the gun instead of the criminal, helps the audience realize that some people are blaming the firearm instead of the person standing behind it and how that argument is ridiculous. Our logos came in the beginning when Chris was describing how a gun cannot shoot by itself. He mentions that it takes someone to pull the trigger for a gun to go off. And finally our ethos came in the end when Chris gives his monologue.

In order to get this message to our intended audience we posted the video on youtube. We figured that since we live in a technological world now most of the people who are against us will see it. The reactions were not at all what we expected. At first we thought we would get a lot of negative comments from those against us. However we got a lot of supportive ones instead. People enjoyed our video, mainly the humor, but still got informed of our message.

I learned a lot about this style of argument. Not only is it difficult to get a point across, but it is also difficult to keep the audience entertained. However it was not all bad. It was easier to say and show what we were trying to argue rather than write. If i was to do this differently i would add more facts and quotes from people world wide.

Our persuasiveness was very well. I feel as though the humor is what made people realize our argument was valid and that the other side is not. I am most proud of the overall video we produced. As well as the reactions we received.


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