DNA vs Eye witness

How reliable are people? When their adrenaline is up and everything is happening so fast? People might be able to get little details such as clothing or the skin color of a person right. But DNA evidence can lead to one and only one person. DNA is more accurate than an Eye witness testimony.

DNA is made up of deoxyribose, Phosphate and nitrogen bases. Gel Electrophoresis is a process where DNA is put into a Gel where the bottom end is negatively charged and it has wells that only small strands of DNA can go through. Looking at two or more samples can show who belongs to what DNA and if they are a match. This process has been used for determining who the true parents are for a child or who the criminal is in a sexual assault case.

DNA is more accurate because it can only lead to one person. Everyone has their own unique set of DNA and this is what makes them stand out from others. Ronald Gene Taylor is a man who was wrong fully accused of raping a black woman. The woman was raped by a black man wearing a white t-shirt. After police picked up and put Taylor in a line up she picked him right away because he was a black man wearing a white t-shirt. He was sentenced to 60 years but only served 12 because in his 12th year he was DNA tested and proved innocent. 12 years of this mans life gone to waste because of a false testimony. DNA evidence proved this mans innocents.

Now people may argue that some forensic scientist out there can be bribed in order to change the results of the DNA test. However that still does not change the fact that DNA leads to only one person. And even if an innocent man was to be convicted it was not because the DNA was false. It was because of the corruption in the People. The same people who dont always give a true eye witness testimony.

DNA evidence should be used more. It can keep innocent people out of jail and get the ones out. People are just people. Don’t always get the facts straight or remember as much as they think they do. But DNA can never lie.


One thought on “DNA vs Eye witness

  1. This paper contains all of the necessary paragraphs. You provided strong arguments for and against your claim, but did not explain where the ideas originated by citing your sources. You explained gel electrophoresis well, but there could be more information included about the chemical structure of DNA.


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