Solving the candy thief case

Every human has them. They are seen all over tv. They are unique to everybody. What are they You may ask. They are the most fantastic, amazing and just straight up awesome things in the whole wide world. I am talking of course about fingerprints!

Fingerprints play a major role in forensics science, mainly because they are used to solve cases and lead to suspects. They are separated into latent which are not visible until powder is used, patent which is a visible fingerprint and plastic which is a fingerprint that you can find made of soft material such as clay or soft dried paint. When looking at fingerprints forensic scientist look for the minutiae which are small details in the fingerprint. For example the loop, whorl or arch of a fingerprint. And to be even more smaller to scale the ridge endings or bifurcations (fork).

For my forensics team and I, which consisted of myself (Dr. Flores), Dr. Dubard, Dr. Galarza and Dr. Gonzales, we were faced with finding the thief who took candy from Mr. Caters candy jar. This thief was not a very smart one as they left behind many fingerprints. My team and I used florescent powder, fiberglass brush and a black light in order to make the prints stand out. We used our super top secret tape in order to lift the prints.

We compared the ending ridges, island ridges, eyes, bifurcations and the bridge to get 7 exact same minutiae on both prints. We also compared the thumb prints and index prints first on the right hand first however the right hand is what we ended up creating a match to Ivy Gates.

In the end My forensics team and i found Ivy Gates in her apartment dead of sugar overdose. She had Mr. caters candy rappers scattered throughout the apartment. Through this experience ive learned how to lift prints, check minutiae, and compare finger prints to find the match of the guilty party!

diagram completed.jpg


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