Teachers and parents get headaches from it. Everyone gets distracted by it. I am talking, of course about technology. It’s in the class rooms, at home and even in the cars on the street. But is all this technology a distraction in our schools?? The website, mentions from Dr. Larry Rosen stating that based on an experiment he did for 15 minutes on a group of students to study something important, “After 3 minutes students begin to lose focus” and that about “80% of students report they switch between studying and technology.”  His study proves that students are getting distracted from their school work because of technology. (Names of students are protected by My rules which are written on a dry erase board in my room.)


A student is on his phone rather than working on a project that is worth 80% of his grade.


This student would rather check his email than write his essay for college.


After failing 2 classes this student decides that Twitter is more important during lunch than tutoring.


This student is on Twitter as well rather than working on his photo essay!


He thinks he is slick however my camera catches this villain not reading but texting!


Look who’s playing games now!!


I guess Luke Christopher (music artist) is more important than her essay…


Really!?! His essay is right there! But he’s playing doodle jump instead… Wow…


A selfie while while the teacher is talking??? OMG!


Look!! Even I got distracted because I looked so fantastic!!! I’m suppose to be doing my photo essay but hey…. Selfies right??
Schools have a rule that students can not have their phones out. But if it’s not phones then its tablets and computers and so on and so on.. We can not stop using technology all together… HOWEVER we can limit the time that students are allowed on their phones as well as make more consequences for it.


3 thoughts on “TechNOlogy

  1. I agree with your point because technology seems to be the base of students nowadays, rather than textbooks.
    When you said ” We can not stop using technology,” understanding how powerful technology is in today’s society, we tend to depend on it more than our everyday education.
    I am one of those people who can relate to the over use of technology, but I am getting better about my use.
    There’s a lot of controversies based on this topic that are on the internet!


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