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Did Dan Done it?

Upon arriving at the crime scene my team and i began comparing the gun casings to the casings coincidentally found in Officer Dan’s home. What we found…… would change the course of history forever.

7 bodies were found, all victims of a mass shooting. Bullet casing were found leading to many different guns. Ballistics is the area of forensics that has to do with firearms such as why they are used, how they are used and why are they normally used in murder. Guns and ammunition are classified by their caliber or gauge. Also handguns and rifles leave behind bullet casings which are classified as caliber while shotguns leave Shells which are classified as gauge. To analyze ballistic evidence we use the individual markings on the bullet such as the rifling marks or on the casing looking at the firing pin marks.

We found handgun casings and shotgun shells. It was used ammunition therefore it had already been fired. We had a .44, .45 casings,  12 gauge, 223 used casing and a 245 colt bullet. We came to the conclusion that the .45 casing and the bullet were found to be the type of gun used to kill the victim. We used the firing pin marks to match up the casing found at the scene and at officer Dans house.

There were 3 wounds on the victims head. There is 1 entrance wound in the front and 1 exit wound in the back. On the left side of the Vic there seems to be a mark there the bullet hit the Vic but did not cause the death.

 Based on the wounds a .45 magnum was used to execute the victim. We determined this by the size of the wound and the size of the bullet. The GSR or gun shot residue was left very close to the victim telling us that they were shot at very close range. The bullet went straight through the head leaving a straight entrance and exit wound. This just goes to show that the Victim was Executed in a hateful manner.

With all the coincidental evidence that points to officer Dan i do not believe he is involved. Being a former marine and my mentor since i joined the force, he had no motive to kill these people. I have learned that different caliber firearms can leave very different wounds. I am still uncertain that Dan did this. Everybody is against him right now, but not I. The next step of this investigation should be to find a connection between the victims and another suspect because this seems like a case out of pure hatred.