Project proposal

Technology in schools is getting greater and greater. I chose this because i also use technology in the class room and it is very helpful. i’m going to take photos of people using  technology in order to help them with their understanding of material.  I will take these myself and take all the credit.



DNA vs Eye witness

How reliable are people? When their adrenaline is up and everything is happening so fast? People might be able to get little details such as clothing or the skin color of a person right. But DNA evidence can lead to one and only one person. DNA is more accurate than an Eye witness testimony.

DNA is made up of deoxyribose, Phosphate and nitrogen bases. Gel Electrophoresis is a process where DNA is put into a Gel where the bottom end is negatively charged and it has wells that only small strands of DNA can go through. Looking at two or more samples can show who belongs to what DNA and if they are a match. This process has been used for determining who the true parents are for a child or who the criminal is in a sexual assault case.

DNA is more accurate because it can only lead to one person. Everyone has their own unique set of DNA and this is what makes them stand out from others. Ronald Gene Taylor is a man who was wrong fully accused of raping a black woman. The woman was raped by a black man wearing a white t-shirt. After police picked up and put Taylor in a line up she picked him right away because he was a black man wearing a white t-shirt. He was sentenced to 60 years but only served 12 because in his 12th year he was DNA tested and proved innocent. 12 years of this mans life gone to waste because of a false testimony. DNA evidence proved this mans innocents.

Now people may argue that some forensic scientist out there can be bribed in order to change the results of the DNA test. However that still does not change the fact that DNA leads to only one person. And even if an innocent man was to be convicted it was not because the DNA was false. It was because of the corruption in the People. The same people who dont always give a true eye witness testimony.

DNA evidence should be used more. It can keep innocent people out of jail and get the ones out. People are just people. Don’t always get the facts straight or remember as much as they think they do. But DNA can never lie.

Reflection on a semester of reading and writing

Dear Mrs. Dille,

When i first started writing i did not know how big of an impact ethos, logos and pathos had on an essay. I just thought i was suppose to write about facts only. I now know that making your audience get into their feelings as well as making yourself credible can turn your 80 grade essay into a 100. As a reader i am impatient because i want to get into the good parts of a story. As a writer i am unfocused because i tend to get easily distracted.

When i started this course i absolutely could not stand writing. I hated it. And i still hate it. Ever since i was young i never enjoyed to write. Mainly because i would rather show and discuss with someone my argument rather than write it and not be able to get all the information and points across. However my approach to writing has changed. I now use ethos and pathos more in order to keep my audience interested. Im most proud of the video Chris and I produced. We were able to get all our points in our argument across by demonstration.

Ive always been neutral about reading. It usually depends on the book if i get into it or not. Ive started to look at the books or articles more differently. I think about what the author is trying to make me feel as well as think about. My favorite book so far that i have read this semester is The Absolute True Diary Of A Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie. This book is my favorite so far because it makes me laugh. I enjoy the humor as well as the adventure.

For me not being the biggest, or any fan of writing, i feel as though i did rather well in this class. My essay on Bernie Sander, my op-ed on why Marvel is better than DC, my video and my other writings on my blog really showed my progression as a writer in this class. I would try to build my credibility more if i were to take this class again. Next semester i plan to get organized and take more time to do my writings. A suggestion would be to have more video based projects or speech related ones in order to get the actual feel of having an audience.

Sincerely your favorite student,

Michael Flores


Our project was on gun control and how some people make the point that it is the guns that are responsible for the deaths of other people. Our message was describing that the man behind the gun is responsible for the trigger being pulled and not the gun, which is an inanimate object. We chose to do a video because a visual aide will help people understand our argument better than if we were to describe it in written words.

We used a lot of pathos in our video. Funny moments such as when Chris names the gun “Pete” or when Vicente “RKO” the gun instead of the criminal, helps the audience realize that some people are blaming the firearm instead of the person standing behind it and how that argument is ridiculous. Our logos came in the beginning when Chris was describing how a gun cannot shoot by itself. He mentions that it takes someone to pull the trigger for a gun to go off. And finally our ethos came in the end when Chris gives his monologue.

In order to get this message to our intended audience we posted the video on youtube. We figured that since we live in a technological world now most of the people who are against us will see it. The reactions were not at all what we expected. At first we thought we would get a lot of negative comments from those against us. However we got a lot of supportive ones instead. People enjoyed our video, mainly the humor, but still got informed of our message.

I learned a lot about this style of argument. Not only is it difficult to get a point across, but it is also difficult to keep the audience entertained. However it was not all bad. It was easier to say and show what we were trying to argue rather than write. If i was to do this differently i would add more facts and quotes from people world wide.

Our persuasiveness was very well. I feel as though the humor is what made people realize our argument was valid and that the other side is not. I am most proud of the overall video we produced. As well as the reactions we received.

To determine the _______ of any skeleton, certain bones are needed to be analyzed. These bones are the _________ otherwise known as the hip bone. The other bone used to find the gender is the ______. The female __________ has some key characteristics that can determine the _______. These include a __________ outlet, the _______ which is tilted backwards, and a last key characteristic is that the _______ opening is greater than __________. Males and females have differing os coxae, each with its own defining characteristics.  Some of the male characteristics are a Small Pelvic outlet, a sacrum which is _______________, and a _____________ less than 90 degrees. the male skull has many defining features such as; a ________ External Occipital Protuberance, a square chin, prominent____________, rounded ______________, and a small_____________________. female skulls lack the defining features of a male skull, but instead have properties such as, a ________chin, less _________ brow ridges, and ______ orbital margins. Mr. c_t__ is a pretty cool teacher.


Bernie Sanders: The Politician

By: Michael Flores

Presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, uses his website to give his viewpoints on certain problems in order to get people to vote for him. His website,, gives plenty of visual and verbal influence in order to get people on his side. His use of ethos and pathos in his “Meet Bernie” page and the use of logos in the “issues” page helps him to persuade his audience in his favor.

Sanders starts his use of pathos by having a large picture of himself smiling on his home page. On the left sided there will be the words “Meet Bernie” which leads to his personal page. There is another large picture of Sanders and under that there is a brief description on who he is. It mentions him being elected to the U.S. senate after 16 years as “Vermont’s sole congressman in the House of Representatives.” I believe that Sanders mentions that first so that he can show the people that he is no stranger to being in a high executive chair. He also mentions that he is serving his second term after being re-elected with 71 percent of the votes. This makes his audience believe that he did something right in order to win that many votes. Sanders then goes on to talk about his personal life and how he is not afraid to be a leader for he has been put in the position before. He has a timeline of his life as well as a video explaining the type of man Sanders is. Sanders is portraying himself as a man that is educated when it comes to working in congress.

Sanders does not only rely on emotions and values, he also uses reasons and facts to interest his audience in order for them to understand what he is running for. On his “issues” page he has many topics that he discusses, ranging from Income and Wealth Inequality to War and peace. Using the page that talks about his views on war and peace, the first thing that grabs attention is the large picture of him standing at a podium with the American flag waving behind him on a screen. This is the only picture on the entire page. This gives the effect that the topic is something that he takes very seriously. Sanders does have statistics and facts when he discusses what he will change if he is elected president. For example he talks about combating terrorism by joining up with our allies in order to stop terrorist funding. He also talks about the budget they should give to the military. These facts will make the audience realize that the terrorism needs to be stopped by joining with our allies and controlling the budgets.

Bernie sanders intended audience is the middle class of America, as well as the young citizens who will be attending college. Sanders uses popular social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc… in order to get his views spread throughout the states. His main audience is the young groups in American and he persuades them by talking about making tutition for college free and debt free. This will grab the attention of those who are going to college as well as those in college because they will be the most interested in saving money for their futures. Sanders does not have pictures to go with his topics but he did this on purpose because it proves to his audience that he is a serious a committed man to make these beliefs come true. It allows the audience to believe in him more and trust him that he will be a good leader.

Bernie Sanders has a very interesting way that he set up his site. However i believe that the argument on the site to vote for Sanders, is extremely effective to the audience because of his constant mentioning of his leadership skills and his devotion to his work.